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​​​Fast forward to 2004 After comitting 22 years to the police department and serving her community, upon retiring Sugar B. started her own business in the entertainment industry, Wright Ways Entertainment, Inc which she has successfully managed and owned for years. All influenced by her idol Barry Gordy watching and learning how he maneuvered within the industry, along with attending seminars and speaking to various producers and lawyers within the industry. In her spare time Sugar B. volunteered for local politicians to help improve her community.

In 2005Sugar B's slogan, "NEVER UNDERESTIMATE THE POWER OF PERSISTENCE AND HARD WORK", once Sugar B. realized that times where changing and we can get discouraged, she opened her recording studio to young artist for free to help keep them off the street. She was following her dreams while helping other to follow theirs.


Born Bernadette Jackson, a New York native Bernadette legally changed her name in 2005 to Sugar B. Wright. She attended Incarnation Elementary School, Her high school period was spent at St. Pascal Baylon she went on to attend City College of New York. She later enlisted into the United States Army and was married. By 18 Sugar gave birth to her first born Travis L.J. Wright III. In 1982 she became a New York City police officer where she retired after 22 years of service. She is a mover and a shaker within her community, her organization K.O.S.S (Keep Our Streets Safe) continues to march forward and bring forth unity. She is a powerful advocate shedding light on brain aneurysm awareness. As a child Sugar enjoyed school, dancing and listening to various genres of music. Sugar B. loved to host talent shows where she would lip sync to Various artist songs in her parents basement. Berry Gordy along with other entertainers left such a powerful impression on young Sugar B., she knew one day that she had to follow her dreams and what was in her heart. 

2007- Sugar B. realized the entertainment industry and businesses had a complete facelift, Technology was taking over, and every major and minor and independent business had to adapt to the changes including herself. She went head strong and confident learning the new ways of the internet and social media her creativity began to expand even more.
Fast forward to 2013 Sugar B presented "Sugar B On The Couch Show" on youtube, the show was a innovative and creative marketing tool that fosters relationships within the community. Various talents, business owners and entrepreneurs sat on the couch each week and had the opportunity to explain who they where and what their aspirations are. It motivated them and other to stay passionate to reach and succeed their accomplishments, while following their dreams.​​

Getting to know Sugar b. wright

2014 - Sugar B. experienced another life changing event as she was operated on for an unruptured brain aneurysm. During her healing time she stayed low key and stress free, but not to be kept down Sugar B spent time trade marking 2 of her companies Wright Ways Entertainment A Mother & Son Establishment and Wright Ways. In January 2016 she reflected on her life thus far and decided to share her story with the world she began to go and and raise awareness about brain aneurysms and violence. May 2016 She started her radio show Sunday Fellowship Praise with Sugar B. and continues to share her story as well as inspire others to share theirs.

Now it's 2017 and Sugar B. is healthy and determined to continue on her journey.

January 1998 - The blueprint was complete. With just a few years left before her scheduled retirement, Sugar B. marched on with finalizing the construction and purchasing of equipment for the studio. By October 2000 the recording studio was open and fully equipped with analog and digital recording modules. In the coming years Sugar B. realized that the entertainment industry was rapidly changing. She needed to regroup and make some major changes.

2002 - Sugar B. became the founder/director of K.O.S.S (Keep Our Streets Safe), Inc. as result of her law enforcement experiences. Over the years Sugar B. inspired herself to take on many challenges and became a game changer on her road to happiness.​​

1982 - Sugar B. Joined the Police department and While employed as a police officer, Sugar B. spent 6 years as a manager for unsigned talents. As a police officer she learned about life and diversity in her community, it was engraVed in her to go for the unavoidable life changing experiences.

Fast forward to 1995 Sugar B. started focusing on her goals for the future, Armed with a pen and paper she began developing ideas, once she became confident in making a move she made the decision to follow her dreams. First step to own and operate her own recording studio. She worked diligently purchasing recording studio equipment  and learning their functions. She attended numerous music seminars, spoke with people in the entertainment industry, and conducted extensive research all while managing various local talents looking to rise up in the industry. Her talents performed at Carnie Hall in NYC, All Star Talent Show, and local community events.

1997- Sugar B. disassembled her basement in order to build a quality sound recording studio for various local talents to come and create demo tapes for record labels.


Sugar Wright