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Sugar Wright


Sunday Fellowship Praise ​​

Hosted by Star EveryFriday from 6pm-10pm EST. Star will take it there when it comes to relationship, friendship and love. Her bubbly yet positive personality moves listeners. You will laugh, you will think and most importantly she will bring the glitter.

The Team


Hosted by the Prominent One Sugar B. Every Sunday from 11am-2pm EST.
Sugar B.'s unique way of touching peoples lives makes sharing your testimony a fulfilling experience. She will uplift, and inspire her listeners to stay positive in their walk with God.

The Dungeon Squad Experiment

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Tea Tyme

Hosted by The infamous Dj Digga. Every  Monday to Thursday from 8pm-11pm EST. The Dungeon Squad Experiment offers its listeners a unique experience, where they can speak on various topics while hearing the latest music, as well as unsigned artist. It's the perfect blend of talk show meets musical brilliance.